Colored Contact Lenses

Make-up routine with contact lenses

Did you know that all eye make-up can become a problem for those wearing contact lenses? This doesn’t mean you can no longer wear contact lenses. You just need to make sure you choose the right sort of make-up cosmetics and learn how to apply them the right way so that your contact lenses and the overall look aren’t impacted by the makeup.


Using a primer
It is important that always clean your hands before you touch any color contact lenses and make sure that those lenses are correctly put, in before you put any cosmetics on your face. This is to ensure the lenses aren’t contaminated with cosmetic products. Primer is a good one to start with as it helps to keep the liners and the shadows in place.

Eye shadow
It’s best to go for a cream instead of a powder because a powder is more likely to travel into your eyes, It is also a good idea to use a water-based cream eye shadow as the cream-based will irritate your eyes far worse than the water-based one.

Everyone is using eyeliner, and it is common for everyday wear. Eyeliner is placed on the

 waterline located just under the eyelashes. Eyeliner is not recommended when you are wearing contact lenses, particularly red contacts, as you are putting products close to the lens and eyes, which block your eye’s oil glands. If you do choose to wear one, then it is better to be using a pencil eyeliner rather than cream and gel liners which can dry too much and then flake away. 


Colour Contact LensesIt is important that when wearing eye contact lenses that you steer away from fiber mascaras as they tend to have micro flakes that work their way into your eyes. Waterproof mascara is also not a good idea as it can dry and then cannot be washed away easily and can stain your contact lenses.


 Try and go for fragrance and hypoallergenic types. When you apply the make-up try not to take it to the roots of the eyelashes and avoid the make-up touching your eyes. Try not to leave any clumps as they will flake off and can enter your eyes and irritate them. 


Many contact lens wearers love to wear make-up which is why many cosmetic companies are trying to create make-up products that are safe to use when wearing contact lenses. When you are buying eye make-up, ensure you check to see if the product has ophthalmologist tested labeled on it. If you tend to wear make-up all the time, then it is a good idea to consider going with daily wear only contacts, so you know that when you put your contacts in, you are dealing with a residue-free pair.

Safety needs to come first, and this is especially important when we are talking about your eyes. Your eyesight is very important so it’s crucial to educate yourself about all the possible damages that can be caused between make-up and contact lenses. If you experience any irritation or reaction when it comes to your eyes and using eye make-up ensure you contact the doctor right away. Make sure you pay close attention to the products you are using and aim for those that have the most natural or organic ingredients.

If you are not sure about what contacts to wear and what ingredients are suited for contact lenses, then talk to your eye doctor, who may be able to point you in the direction of suitable and safe products to use.