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Essential Oils In Makeup Products

Natural lotions, creams, body oils, bath oils, lip balms, and other skincare moisturizers are also made using carrier oils, also known as plant oils or base oils. All-natural cosmetic oils, in the production of which no chemical modifications are used, are composed of liquid oils, waxes, oils, unsaponifiable and essential oils.

Essential oils and their isolated compounds are widely used in cosmetics due to their many advantages. Essential oils are mainly used in natural makeup products Australia wide because of their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

In addition to these skin benefits, inhaling essential oils can also affect our limbic emotional system (as described in my previous article, so when we use them on the skin, they can also affect our mood.

Natural cosmetic oils and waxes are important ingredients used in personal care formulations, used to build formulations and make skin or hair feel smooth, soft and hydrated. 

Phytosterols are used to convert liquid crystal lamellar oil into aqueous emulsions that have superior moisturizing properties. Castor oil is most commonly used in lipsticks due to its superior pigment dispersion, gloss, and lubricating properties. Coconut oil is widely used in lip balms and sunscreens for relaxation.

In addition to natural vegetable oils, synthetic oils are becoming increasingly important. Essential oils contain the characteristic scent of the plant from which it is derived, and many are used to give foods a natural scent. Although many essential oils are also recommended for treating some dermatological problems due to their potency, we have focused on substances that are used to improve the odour and/or shelf life of the product. 

Due to their widespread adoption in the cosmetics and health sectors-not to mention countless conflicting opinions-we think it is time to seek expert help to create a comprehensive guide to oils, the first thing you need is all the ways you can use them to your advantage.

Influencers often promote their favourite type of essential oil for use in their diffusers, as well as how applying it to the skin can promote sleep, relieve headaches, and simply improve life. This essential oil has an invigorating, earthy scent that instils mental clarity and is often used in skincare products for its antiseptic properties. A gentle and soothing oil, great for irritated skin, soothes redness, rashes and eczema.

Designed correctly and professionally, use as low as 0.25% for sensitive skin and as high as 1.5% for oily skin. Avoid using oils that can easily irritate the skin. We recommend starting with a blend of extra virgin olive oil or other organic oils. Similarly, Jensen recommends starting with a small amount and adding only a few drops of oil to the lotion or moisturizer at a time.

However, citrus oil can make the skin more sensitive to light. Avoid sunlight for 24 hours after using any citrus oil, so this is not the best solution in summer.

Lemon oil cold pressed from the peel has anti-fungal, astringent and antiseptic properties, making it an important ingredient in hair and skincare products. Studies have also shown that tea tree oil is as effective as well-known acne treatments such as benzoyl peroxide.

Bergamot is a particularly beneficial oil for skincare with natural antiseptic and purifying properties that helps to gently unclog pores. You can use lavender oil in combination with witch hazel as a night tonic to improve skin and prepare for restful sleep.