cheap contacts vs expensive contacts

Cheap Contacts V/S Expensive Contacts

There are those people that are either cats or dog lovers and then there are the contact lens wearers or the ones that prefer glasses. Contacts have many advantages over glasses but are the cheap or expensive ones better? How do they differ? The daily contacts are classed as the cheap contact version and the monthlies are in the more expensive category. The daily and monthly contact lenses each have their own set of pros and cons. Mostly it is down to which suits you better and what your personal preference.


Advantages of the cheap daily contacts

The daily contacts or cheap coloured contacts have certain advantages, they are easy to get used to and you don’t need to worry about storing them.


cheap contacts vs expensive contacts

Say goodbye to your cleaning routine

The daily disposable lenses allow you to pop them in and forget them for the day. Once you take them out you just simply throw them away. No need to clean and store them and you don’t even need a normal routine to store them.


No overwearing your contact

If you overwear your contacts, then you run the risk of damaging your eyes. With the cheap daily lenses, you don’t need to worry about how many days you wear them for or how old they are you just throw them away the same day you put them in. wearing them too long or going over the expiry doesn’t exist.


Inexpensive if you are not wearing them often

If you are not wearing the lenses every single day, then the cheap ones will do just fine. They only become expensive on the wallet if you are wearing the contacts every day, which means you are better off price-wise to go with the expensive longer-lasting ones


Great for those who wear out contacts faster

There are many lifestyles out there that can cause your contacts to run out faster than normal. If you are a construction worker then perhaps you might get dirt and dust in your eyes all day long. Tossing out the contacts each day might be a better idea than trying to clean the more expensive ones.

Advantages of the expensive Monthly Contacts

With the cheap contacts, there is no need for cleaning and storing however with the more expensive coloured contact lenses monthly ones you will need to have a set routine. You need to care for the lenses properly as the instructions state and it’s important to use proper hygiene with them.


Easier for Travelling

When you are traveling it can be annoying to take several packets of contacts and you might end up bringing less than you need. With the expensive contact lenses, all you need to do is just make sure you pack the one pair if they aren’t already in your eyes.


Better for the environment

If you love to look after the planet then monthlies are a better option as you are reusing instead of making more landfills as contacts cannot be recycled.


Which type is right for you?

There are many more cons and pros to be discovered for each. The only way to decide for yourself and come to the decision with a firm hand is to try both the cheap contact lenses and the expensive contact lenses and see which works best for you. Talk to your eye doctor about your lifestyle and how often you plan to wear the contacts and they can make a recommendation based on your wants and needs.

If you want to get unique you can even try colored contacts, these can come as dailies and monthlies for either prescription or just for fashion wearing. Why not change your look and be different?